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At what level do engineers get the ability to EVA construct?


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32 minutes ago, larsonco said:

Thank you.  As a follow up, does anyone know the rules for weight limit for construction with respect to gravity?

It appears that the limit is mass not weight, so gravity is ignored.

Edit: Sorry, I was wrong on that point.

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53 minutes ago, larsonco said:

My engineer only has two stars but I have a mission to repair a lander on The Mun.  How high will I have to level them before they can add the missing parts to the lander?

which part do you have to repair? I can't understand if you have to repair or add.
if you have to repair something, according to the wiki, level matters:


33 minutes ago, Stamp20 said:

Engineers should be able to build at any level



25 minutes ago, larsonco said:

does anyone know the rules for weight limit for construction with respect to gravity?

are you referring to this message?
"[Part] exceeds the weight that a kerbal can construct with in this gravity"

I don't know it, I would like to know me too.


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6 minutes ago, fourfa said:

Mass limit is 0.06t, divided by gravity relative to Kerbin. So Minmus (0.05g) limit is 1.2t

Nice Thanks, I also found this:
from phisics.cfg: "constructionWeightLimit = 588.399 // The weight (not mass) limit a kerbal can construct with. It is the parts mass times the gravity of the situation in Newtons."


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