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A small LEGO rocket


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Well not so small actually, but small in-game. Also technically it's a spaceplane.

I recreated my 'mini-shuttle' with LEGO bricks.

Features include folding wings and a protected docking port.


Jeb in his classic orange spacesuit. Due to the messy structure, only his head will fit inside the cockpit.



The engines. I should be using a terrier but opted for a set of twitches as they work inside atmosphere as well.



Docking mode. This was my crappy solution to the I-want-to-balance-my-craft-with-a-fuel-tank-but-a-Kerbal-crawling-inside-it-seems-too-unrealistic problem.


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On 12/23/2020 at 2:06 AM, V14 said:


I've always imagined that such fuel tanks contain end hatches and an internal bladder...

You know.  As long as a volume of fuel has been consumed/pumped from the tank, equal to the volume of the kerbal...  and they just inch their way along.  (POWs used to tunnel out the last N meters this way, "mole" style.  I'm sure Kerbals would think of the same thing.)

@kerbiloidwill likely back me up on this...?

P.S. welcome to the forum!

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