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I want to start a classic-style KSP Roleplay [NO RP ON THIS THREAD!!!]


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Hello KSP Community,

I have been playing this game since the 0.12 era, I proudly consider myself a veteran. What I liked most about the earlier days of the community, when it was still small, was the Kerbin Political Roleplay. It was removed from this forum due to drama and then eventually banned but the spirit still lives on.

As such, I am asking whether any other users, veterans and newer users alike who want to learn about the history of the KSP community and experience the nostalgic feelings of the early 2010s, want to start a political roleplay community that emulates that of 2012. Pick a spot on the map, carve out a country, and then start writing about how you want to assassinate the rival nation's leader at a formal dinner.

We can do it on a dedicated forum, or on NationStates.

Please reply here or PM me.

Note that actual roleplaying is banned on the KSP forum and as such will not occur in this thread.

@Ascensiam @Charzy @Spearka, Please also notify any other veterans you know.

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Certainly interesting. I'll pass for now, but I may change my decision later. Regarding NationStates and what @Delfinus noted above, maybe we should create our own NationStates "Region" for this.

I'll think about joining over the next few days. :)


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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one.

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