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Unable to install breaking ground expansion 1.6.0

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Just purchased "Kerbal Space Program: Breaking Ground (Direct Download)"

I am trying to download breaking ground expansion 1.6.0 => It mentions "Use this installer if you have a non translated copy of KSP 1.11.0".

My question is where do you get this KSP 1.11.0?

Please guide me as I am trying different ways to find this.

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You don't see this? 




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Unfortunately I don't get that "1.11.0 Some Reassembly Required" page . Let me illustrate the steps and results, just so you are clear

1. In my Account Info=> Your Orders => I see"Kerbal Space Program: Breaking Ground (Direct Download)" with a download button next to it.

2. Once I click the download button, it takes me to "Ready To Download page => in the page I see hyperlinks for the following:

- Breaking Ground Expansion 1.6.0. 1.5.1, etc

3. Just to be clear - I don't see the above "Kerbal Space Program: Some Reassembly Required" screen shot you provided above.

4. Now after clicking on the download (per my above #2), I get the exe installer. After clicking on the installer, it pops up the obvious windows popup "select destination location" where KSP_breaking_ground_expansion should be installed"

5. If I select the default destination and click next button, a setup box pops up stating "Looks like Kerbal Space Program its not installed in this folder....please choose the correct one." It does not permit me to install the program, as clearly I am missing some prerequisites.

I am not sure if I purchased the right program. Please help.


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I'm running out of suggestions, so how about the question that may have been too obvious to ask. Did you in fact buy the main game? It's a separate purchase for which Breaking Ground is an add-on. 

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1 hour ago, MeConfusion said:

I am also having the same problems as R2D2C3PO. I have bought the base game and the making history and breaking ground addons but can not download them.

I don't think we're clear on what the problem is. Could you be specific? 

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