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MOD RECCOMENDATION REQUEST: Starlink Launch and maintenance


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Hi folks.  New to the Forum, hello all!

I've been trying for no good reason other than shiggles to get a Starlink type constellation in orbit. 

Mechjeb2 helps me with the launch timing, orbital plane etc, but I'm having a lot of trouble with distributing each satellite throughout that orbital plane. 

I start with a launch that's circularized 20km low and then dispense the satellites one by one and orbit raise to 350 as it gets close to the correct location for each bird.

Anyway, the point is that keeping a large constellation aligned requires a lot of management - tweaks to apo and peri to keep separation and to plane to etc - can anyone suggest mods that might help?  I've been looking for a 'ground control mod' that could extend the tracking screen but no joy so far so it's manually switch to each satellite at the moment :-)

Image attached with the 'net for one plane of approx 32 birds.  I'm trying for 15 minute separation of planes - it's a lot of birds in the air!slkerbnet.jpg

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