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Clipping, Attachment point, sticking out, and collision


Question: If a clipping part sticks out, does it matter where it is attached to the ship for collision detection?

Say for example, the Service Bays: internally, there is 2 attachment point, a top and bottom. So say I want a part to be placed in, with the end result have the part stick out from the bottom of the service bay (will use move tool to move as necessary) -- for the collision detection, does it matter if it's connected by the inside-upper point, or the inside-lower point?

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For collisions I can positively so that no, an object will not have any left over “phantom colliders” when you move a part away from where it was originally attached. Wherever you move it, it’s colliders will go with it.

Though as far as drag goes I am a little hazy. I want to say in old versions of the game, if you surface-attached something to the outside of a rocket and then clipped it fully inside, the aerodynamics would still register it as being exposed to the air. But newer versions of the game I believe that is no longer the case (someone please correct me if I am wrong).

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