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I just saved 14 tourists on a ship out of fuel by getting out and pushing with my RCS pack

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Took several trips, lucky I keep an endless supply of monopropellant in the cockpit.  Two more orbits and it would be pulled by the moon and smashed 


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Nicely done.

My only attempt at that failed.  Not quite enough Dv to stabilise orbit ftom Duna (shoddy piloting), so tried pushing.  Couldn't get him in the right place to push squarely (no central engine bell to stick his head in) so had to repack the chutes and climb back in.  Used the chutes to land safely and wait for rescue.

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"How did that flying log survive re-entry?"
... im not sure  xD
autopilot retrograde, lots of mad flip-flopping,  and I guess the wings slow it down just enough before it explodes
maybe the radiators help

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