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Have an option for part repairs to not consume Repair Kits.

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I can not stand playing in 1.11 for one reason: Repair Kits.  I play 95% of my time in Sandbox mode.  I expect Sandbox to be truly sandbox in play, not needing to bother with *any* resources if I choose to avoid such hassles and slowdowns.  Yet, in KSP 1.11, Repair Kits are required to do something as classic and commonplace as repairing a wheel -- and, so far as I can see, there is no setting yet either in game options or in the F12 cheats menu to disable this Repair Kit requirement.  I can not play the game with this impediment in place.  I will be going back to 1.10 and staying there until this issue is resolved. 


For resolution, I propose the dev's add either an option or a cheat menu setting to *disable* the requirement for part repairs to consume Repair Kits.  I will go so far as even suggesting that the RK requirement be waived *by default* for Sandbox mode as the contrary goes against the spirit of true sandbox play. 

Resolution #2: ...If the previous proposition does not gain dev traction, then my alternative proposition is for an option or cheat menu setting that simply bypasses actual consumption of RKs.  This way, Engineer kerbals still need to carry RKs in their personal inventory when doing repairs, but the act of repairing a part does not actually consume any of the RKs in their inventory.  In other words, RKs effectively become infinite in quantity/use/duration. 


I would be happy with either of the above resolutions.  Please and thank you, developers.

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I imagine that a repair kit is primarily  consumables - a roll of sticky tape, tube of glue, etc. rather than a toolkit.  So using them up is logical from that angle. 

I play sandbox,  and do quite like it, but a 'settings' option to either turn off the requirement or give 'infinite repair kits', and a 'cheat menu' option to 'repair without kit' would make perfect sense though.

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This is the entire reason I don't plan on upgrading to 1.11+ .  Was really hyped for a stock version of kas until I saw that I would no longer be able to fix wheels without consumables, which on small rovers (which don't have the space for said consumables) are prone to having their wheels break repeatedly while driving under normal conditions (this is part of why I started playing with kerbal experience turned off).

On 1/3/2021 at 6:44 AM, The Aziz said:

I say no to difficulty setting (I said already why this is a bad idea somewhere in related thread) but option in cheat menu is something I can get behind.

This is EXACTLY the kind of thing that belongs in the difficulty settings, where all the other "play like old versions of ksp" options are.

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