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This will likely be where I upload pictures of stuff that I've made in KSP!

If you don't like it, blame it on @adsii1970, as he told me the community liked screenshots. :P


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Since Steam decided that today was the day to be a turd, I've finally gotten to upload my screenshots!

A Tour of My Sandbox



A much clearer picture of this beauty(?). 


This took 7 launches and about 10 hours of on and off work on it to get it to its current state. I learned a LOT about docking though, which has come in handy!


Yet another unclear image.




On to my next contraption, the Mercury 2. This is an ion powered mothership created before I knew Heat Control existed, hence the radiator spam.

It has three NFE nuclear reactors to power its five advanced VASMIR engines. It has a large crew capacity, power generation, and almost 25 km/s of dV. Now that's quite a lot, but once I caught wind of FFT's development, I decided I wanted a much larger scale Laythe colonization effort (and in my other save). Will I ever use this? Probably not. If I do, It will use FFT fusion reactors and HC radiators. It will be a bus for the Joolian system, ferrying crew between bases (again, if I use it.) More likely, I will use an "Impulse" low grade fusion engine for that purpose, or the "Discovery".


Here is my imaginatively named "Gravity Station Alpha" Obviously utilizing two contra-rotating gravity rings, this station can support long term scientific study in LKO. Because I was relatively new to KSP when I launched this, and more importantly, NFLV hadn't been updated, this is in a..... strange orbit. It is in a highly inclined, retrograde orbit. The KSC refuses to admit that it was a mistake and that it was for "better observation windows" whatever that means. I used an unholy amount of Clydesdale boosters to launch this, because it weighs like 80 tons and I was a noob with stock parts.


My favorite picture of this one.


Obligatory, difficult to see, staring-into-the-sun shot. I should really get a Post Processing mod. Comet photobombing.


Now, moving onto more random stuff; scattered around the Kerbol System.


The Hydra space telescope. Using the new Spacedust Telescope. Can scan every resource!


Duna probe. This one doesn't have a name so I didn't get attached. Comet in the background again. It has an ion engine, resource scanner, *yawn* science things, blah, blah, blah.....


We like Ike.


My solar probe, which ended up close to Moho, so I adjusted course (using 4 km/s. it wasn't very close.) Anyway, this one has solar-ion propulsion, so near Moho it works very well. 




Hey llok, same comet.


Hideous station. Can you guess where?


EVE!!! They like looking at Kerbin in the distance. I might come get them someday.


Fun Fact! This was my first interplanetary mission ever! The engines are burning here just for LOLs, they're not doing much. 


Hey, there's our friend the comet! What should I name it?


The Joolio Probe(cringe) approaching the Joolian system. DOE is awesome!


Here's my tracking station! I have a lot of miscellaneous stuff going on. Much of it was launched when I was learning the game.

Seriously, what should I name the Comet?

(Speaking of comets, once I fix my issues I'll add a pic of my 300 year period comet mission which is latched on! Only possible with FFT)

Also thanks @Nertea for all the awesome mods which I use. (literally 90% of my mods).


Have any ideas?

Want to see my Science save?

Let me know! :D

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Thanks guys!

Once I unbork KSP i'll get some pics from my science save and the minmus station I built over break. 

I'm quite proud of it.

Maybe I'll also do a mission log of launching the next component of my torchship. (After I install KJR, that thing is Kraken-bait!)

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IDK I thought it looked nice

Shuttle+ (name TBD)

and generic useless satellite:P

AVP, etc.

PS: Vote Yellow for Tantares!

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