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What are some of the more ridiculous building techniques you've used in KSP?

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What are some of the more ridiculous building techniques you've used in KSP?

I'm playing on 3.5x scale with Real Fuels, which means you need lots of engine clustering. Thankfully, Procedural Fairings provides an engine plate to do just that.

I'm building a manned ship to Duna that needs 5 propulsion modules. Now, these modules are big and heavy modules, around 30-40 tons each. And so, a large rocket is needed.

Remember when I mentioned the Procedural Fairings engine plate? How they work is they have a single structural node in the center, and the engines are placed on nodes in a ring on the outside. I needed to place way too many engines in a space too small for their engine bells to not collide. I also wanted the structural node so I can attach an interstage. So, I had to put a second plate, leading to this:


Mmm yes nesting engine plates.

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Last night in a mad quest to find an alternative to break-happy rover wheels, I accidentally invented a dancing robot.  Instead of walking about, it just sort of does a merry jig with its 4 legs and generally spins around looking like it's having a great time.  It's hilarious, but hardly useful.

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