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Warp to sunrise - but not quite...?

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What has been you guys' experience with the new QoL 'warp to sunrise' button?

In my case it does not warp to actual sunrise - by that I mean the sun being actually on the horizon, which has lots of practical and navigation applications. Instead, it warps to 4h33 (kerbal time) where the sun is already a bit high on the sky. Sure, it is still early morning, there is enough light to see things, but it is of little use. Having it warp until Kerbol being exactly at zero degrees would be preferable. 

... or perhaps, it is what you guys are getting, and it  doesn't work only for me, maybe I have too many mods and it screws time compression somewhat. 


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Different jurisdiction define sunrise as a few different things.

Be it for a pilot or say a hunter.

When I used to fly "A day" would begins one half hour before Civil Sunrise (The centre of the Sun's disc is 6 degrees below the theoretical horizon) to one half hour after Civil Sunset.

But I agree that a day should be earlier in the game than after its high up.


Should the Sun be on the horizon or 90° to the longitude of the observer. Not sure I phrased that right.

Just nitpicking. for fun. An observer on Kerbin is 600,000m from the center of Kerbin. Like being on a mountain  you would see the sun sooner....

Hey.....Is that why the sun seem so high then?



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I know I'll get flamed for saying "...There's a mod that does that..." :P , but for those who arent adverse to simple mods:

Quote: "As Early Bird takes over the warp-to-morning button, using it is exactly the same as the stock feature...."

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Posted (edited)

Oh great @Stone Blue, I didn't know that existed. Many thanks! 

You see @Martian Emigrant? Perhaps it does go without saying that one doesn't mean "sunrise as far as a prehistoric hunter on the top of the highest mountain is concerned" ... who would have wondered? Having warp to sunrise placing you at 4:00 kerbal time has several practical applications; having sunrise at mid-morning is good for nothing except going out on a lovely day to pick daffodils. Maybe I should have clarified that on my OP.

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