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The KSP Mun Arch and Tylo Cave Challenge - You can submit missions from the PAST!


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"Don't listen to what they say. Go see"

-Chinese Proverb

Welcome to this challenge, this challenge if for people who want to visit the mun arches and tylo cave (the coolest easter eggs in the game,) but never got to. This challenge should hopefully spark interest in some of the coolest places in the game.

What are the basic rules
-Fly to an arch or cave and record or take screenshots of your mission (recordings are preferred)

-Document a story to your mission and give your spacecraft personality

-Can be crewed or not crewed

-Basic common sense, no cheats or using part mods

What are the challenges up to task

For beginners, just fly there and land nearby, take cool screenshots (I will be looking for recordings) 

Resources and examples: Find Locations here!!!



Tylo Cave. Up in the north of Tylo, here is where it is in map view



Mun Arch 1 (The popular one.) Near equator a little bit south. at the northern edge of the super huge crater



Mun Arch 2 (The hardest one.) Down south of the large crater with the mun canyon. NOTE THIS ARCH DOESN'T HAVE DIRECT COMMUNICATION TO KERBIN



Mun Arch 3 (the one in the wild location.) Just west of the other popular one on the rim of another huge crator

For intermediate, land on top of the arches/cave. It's harder than you think

Resources and examples:



For the challenge, try flying at orbital speeds thru the arches (and cave even,) Or make a hanging base

Resources and examples:





This award goes to people who landed near enough to the Easter eggs to load them up and have them in view nearby. This could also be granted to people who land under it.


This award goes to people who landed on top of the arches/cave. 


This award goes to people who flew under a mun arch. Not the cave since that would be considered grandmaster


This award goes to people who did something kerbal. Made a hanging base, climbed the arch/cave by machine, or flew thru the tylo cave. HAS TO BE AWARDED BY ME

Special Offer (until February 7th)

I want to do a YouTube video on this challenge. So people who participate can be featured in a video coming out in the near future. If you do here is extra info you will want to know ahead of time:


First off in order to participate, you must be able to record video. If you haven't done this before, this is a quick rundown for Windows users:

You can use Win(the windows icon on the keyboard)+G. This will pop up a recording system (might take some time depending on how good your computer is, and if you are in full screen or not). 

Get to know Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10 | Xbox Support

You can use the upper left capture button (the circle,) to capture the scene. This should then be saved to the captures folder which I believe is in the pictures folder. If you need more help, you can always check the internet. You can also search "Xbox Game Bar"

How to submit recordings? 

Sadly, the forums doesn't allow this so you will have two options:

1. head onto my discord to get email contact info: https://discord.gg/HjbsnbDCzy

2. DM me on forums to get email contact info.

That way, I can get footage from you


well first off, you get to be in a youtube video

second, I will mention your youtube channel if you want me to

third, there will be a special patch for people that win.


And that's all, so start getting your KSP games running because I hope this a mission you will enjoy

Grandmaster list (ping me at @The Doodling Astronaut to notify if there are new contenders):


Youtuber participant list:

none... yet!

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What a great challenge. While I'm not proposing this be a serious submission, due to it's "kraken-y" nature, I couldn't resist putting this video I made last year out there as inspiration (and also as a placeholder for any submission I do manage to make in the future...):


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what do I mean by submitting stuff from the past?


if its from the past and it legitimate with evidence than you can get a patch and even submit for grandmaster

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