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There have been some post edits and some posts hidden in this thread.

Please keep this thread on topic, which according to the original post, is the forum community explaining to @somerandomperson why they should remain a part of the official Kerbal Space Program forum community.

Please do not derail this thread by discussing what words are on the forbidden usage list, how to bypass the list, or the like.

With that said, please keep your future posts on topic, don't repeat the previous deviation, and as they say at the bowling alley, "watch your lanes!" :D

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On 1/10/2021 at 9:08 AM, Superfluous J said:

I have found  Discord to be toxic in general. The very few Discord servers I've stayed on are the exception, not the rule.

I have no experience with KSP Discord servers because, frankly, this forum is so amazingly awesome I see no reason to look elsewhere.

Stick around and you may find you agree with me.

To say that all of discord is toxic in general is just wrong, although I see what you mean. I am in like 10-15 servers right now, and most people are friendly, but there are afew bad apples undeniably. I agree with the second statement, we have a great community here and I see no reason why I should look off in the distance for something nowhere near as good as the forums are.

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