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Hello! CSX6400 checking in.

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Hello everyone!

I've been posting stuff on KerbalX and Reddit for a while and thought I'd hop in here as well. I bought the game before the steam edition arrived so I cannot check but my hours played probably reach embarrassingly deep into the 4 digits at this point. I primarily like to design and build in-space spaceships where I like to find a nice balance between looks and in-game functionality. Below an image of my favorite craft to date. No idea what the forums will bring, but excited to join and find out!

- CSX6400



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14 hours ago, VoidSquid said:

...or, as Mr. Banana aka @Vanamonde said once: happy explosions! :D 

1 hour ago, Vanamonde said:

I don't believe I ever said that. 

According to the forum gods, you didn't!



1 hour ago, adsii1970 said:

I'm not sure he said that. It sounds more like either a @Deddly or a @Dman979 thing...

Hahaha, or maybe you did! ;)

It wasn't @Deddly...nB0FSne.png


and it wasn't me:mU5r3cL.png

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Posted too early, needed to add the post!
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