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Will Be Absent To Write and More

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So it's a new year, and I know that the only one who can ensure it is better than 2020 is me.

So to that end, you won't see me for some time.

When or if I do return, it will no longer be to ask scifi questions. Instead I would just post short stories or short multi-choice interactive short story posts.

By now, I know enough to do orbital dynamics some justice as well as conservation of energy.

Thank you all for your kindness,and answers.

And I know I have said I would be gone and have come back within a month. I guess I enjoy the knowledge, and actually writing scifi is hard and requires a lot more committment than playing around here.

Yet it is what I want, and I have enjoyed learning the craft of writing before. Scifi itself is a distraction ironically.

So I will actually need to unplug myself to create.

But that is a trait-creativity, that I admire greatly anyway.

I rather do that than consume whatever the powers that be call scifi nowadays, even if some of it is garbage to me.

So on that note....when or if I return, I will be different.

Thanks to all.


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Best of luck. The writing part of writing is the hardest bit.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

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Good luck with the writing.  I know you haven't been able to get into KSP, but you have regaled us with quite a few questions on the subject.  Hopefully we've been able to help some.   Good luck sir/madam!

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