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On 1/21/2021 at 6:22 PM, Teilnehmer said:

I don’t hate Dres at all. I hate Ike instead.

Ike is pretty useful. When you enter Duna system, you don't circularize all the way; instead, you can get to Ike, and that will save you some 200 m/s when you need to leave the planet later. You can also perform ISRU on Ike more easily than on Duna. You can get gravity assists from Ike when leaving Duna. You can't do any of this on dres. Getting to dres  as a refueling station on the way to Jool won't work because going to dres is more expensive than going to Jool directly and refueling on Pol, or even Vall.


So, I mentioned I was going to dres even though I didn't really want. but it's a grand tour, so you have to go on all planets celestial bodies, and sadly, dres do exhist for real.


or maybe i'm just on Mun? let the fake dres landing conspiracy begin!

Anyway, the kerbalism mod gives me a unique way to show my dislike for dres: dumping crap on it!

You see, under kerbalism, kerbals eat and drink and breathe. the breathe part is not relevant here, but kerbals consume food and water and produce "waste" and "waste water".

The vehicle you see there is called Digger 1. It's one of four sister ships I use to resupply my main ship, aptly called the DREAM BIG. Because to try a grand tour with kerbalism, to provide life support and radiation protection and redundancy for all the malfunctions for a decade-long mission, you really need something huge. By the kerbalism rules it's extremely hard to perform isru, as a compromise I decided i would use the stock isru, but only on duna (for long reasons that are explained in the mission report thread, which I take the chance to plug shamelessly).

So, Digger 1 is not a long range ship, but it can hold food for months, for it is intended to spend some time on Duna (to reach dres, i had to couple it with another ship. that was not originally intended for the mission. Long story). Without a waste container, the waste is just dumped, but it seems a terrible waste of organic matter, and when you are planning a long term mission, you want to recycle as much as possible. So, I included a waste container on the Diggers. But not a waste processor. I only have one of those (five of those, actually) on the main ship, where i also keep the greenhouses. So I can transfer the waste and turn it into fertilizer.

Well, for other long reasons, I had to send Digger 1 to dres on its own. I am not going to rejoin it with the mothership. the waste kept accumulating without being processed. I have no need for it, but the game stores it authomatically, and the weight is really so low, it's not worth bothering.

So, I reached dres with several months worth of human waste products (the trip lasted over one year, but the waste tank got full eventually; a Digger was not supposed to venture on its own for more than a few months). So I decided to dump it all on dres.

First thing, I tried to use the new EVa construction mode to detach the container and leave it on dres.


unfortunately, the mod-specific parts could not be removed. i also discovered i cannot reattach the RGU back, so this avenue must be abandoned.

But maybe a drain valve works? I had to import one with Alt-f12; dumping crap on dres wasn't part of my original plan. But after a few bugs, i finally managed to attach it in place


and so, here i am ready to leave my "gift" to this DWARF planet.


that spray should be more realistically some hue of yellow and brown


and here it is, waste tank dumped!

now i have to get rid of the valve, even though i have no use for it, it would be cheating to keep a part installed with cheats for the sake of a joke.

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10 hours ago, Souptime said:

We like ike and dres!!! We like ike and dres!!! We like ike and dres!!!

No, we don't like Ike and Dres

We love Ike and DESPISE Dres

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I made some potential logos for the Anti-Dres Awareness Society that we can use as flags to plant on Ike and next to ruined Dres bases.

The original logo I made, complete with the ADAS name and a slogan I came up with.

Simplified version, without the slogan or name.

Simplified version but with a crosshairs instead of a circle with a line through it.

Ike version, with the text “Long Live Ike!” displayed.

Simplified Ike version 

Anti-Dres propaganda 

Meme version 

Whichever one we like best we can make the official one

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