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Is there a mod for wrap around heat shields? I can’t seem to find any.


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Sorry, you're out of luck here. :( 

What you could do is writing a Module Manager patch that adds ablator to a given part, that has been done before. If you're new to KSP, that would be quite a feat as you'd have to learn the basics of the MM syntax.

Here's the old thread regarding said MM patch, dates back to 2015.



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15 hours ago, Starhelperdude said:

Probesplus and Tantares both have Venera Ones but I think they are to small for manned capsule stuff

Oh i've seen probes plus and tantares, but they arent for me. probesplus's art style is just a bit too realistic and tantares adds in oh so many parts, just oooooooh so m a n y. when i first looked at it it took me like fifteen minutes to install

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