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The new poseable, coloured lights seem to impact framerate



My PC is ancient but I still get a good 30-60fps in most situations. It depends on the complexity of the base or station, and the situation. When I landed my base on the Mun I noticed that when I turned on the lights, the framerate dropped from 30 to 15 fps. (Terrain Shader is set to High, so is the Terrain Detail). When I turned them off the fps returned to 30.  It doesn't seem to happen on orbiting stations, only landed bases. It doesn't make any sense considering these new lights don't cast shadows, I don't know why there'd be a performance drop, even with the current terrain settings.

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I think the issue here is the visual mods and reflective lights. 

Scatterer has an impact on lighting. Planetshine has an impact on lighting. TextureReplacer adds reflections and and improves the mipmap quality. Also this, from the parallax thread (I know you haven't listed it but it's relevant anyway):

  • For some reason, KSP uses Unity's "Forward Rendering" path instead of the "Deferred Rendering" path. This means that for every pixel light in the scene, the tessellation is re-calculated. With lots of lights, this can add up very quickly. Until KSP moves to the Deferred rendering path, there is nothing I can do about this.

You will still get some performance drop from lights - that's just KSP's Unity. But the number of visual mods you're using won't help. Try it without (back up your gamedata & save first) and see. 

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