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Back up your saves and take advantage of a bug in 1.11.1 that makes for some of the best explosions I have seen in KSP...ever


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So... with the introduction of 1.11.1, parts seem to be turning on same vessel interaction which usually cant when EVA Construction is used


If there are parts clipped inside that don't usually have same vessel interaction, it seems to turn on  and can rip stations or crafts apart in spectacular ways

This is my Eve Rocket that has a landing pad for a water landing. It has many MANY physical struts inside to get it rock solid....

And look at the video within the bug report. @Lupi has a station with a SSTO attached. the explosion is unbelievable

BEST BUG EVER. Puts a smile on my face every time I see what it does

I invite you to post your explosions.

Only while 1.11.1 lasts....

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