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Mars 2020/Perseverance Landing Challenge


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Thank you to all the Kerbonauts that participated in our Perseverance Landing Challenge. We  enjoyed reviewing all the pictures/videos from your missions, and NASA has seen and responded to some submissions as well! :valhappy: 

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I know, I know, I´m too late for the challenge, but this thing drove me a little bit more insane today, so I hope you don´t mind if I post a few pics anyway.:sad:





This was a lot harder than I thought. Gratulations to NASA for the succesful landing and everybody who participated. :blush2:

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I may as well post my submission, done with Real Solar System in 1.11, using only stock parts. I took some liberties with the spacecraft design to not be too part-heavy (also since I don't have either DLC), but I am pleased with how it turned out. The album link is below, along with a picture of the rover. Enjoy!



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2 hours ago, Falcon 09 Andy said:

Good Night 

My son plays Kerbal a year ago, and these are his videos for the challenge.



Tell your son he did a fantastic job!!

Trabajo excelente! (sorry, it's my best spanish, haha)


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Thank you again to everyone that participated in the Perseverance Landing Challenge. NASA has checked out all of the submissions, and they were really inspired by them! 

In total we received over 60 submissions for this challenge, and below is the full list. Please show some love to your fellow Kerbonauts for all their hard work, and congratulate them on their successful mission. :valhappy::happy:

Submitted by Submission Post Link Video/Picture Link
COWARDVARK Post link Video
SpaceGuy90 Post link Video
jinnantonix Post link Video
Ruben Monteiro Post link  
Gameplay_Review Post link Video
MikeElias361 Post link  
LoloSiou Post link  
NeoDarkF Post link Video
stefacoastro Post link  
OctupleCompressedCAT Post link Pictures
SniperJF Post link Video
Rick89902440 Post link Video
Tray Joines Post link Video
superdude_082 Post link Pictures
jake_taylor Post link Pictures
Farzinium Post link Pictures
7orch3 Post link Video
RealKerbal3x Post link Video
camacju Post link  
GewoonLukas_ Post link Video
EliStee22901328 Post link  
Andeyro Post link  
Hdeedose Post link  
minerbat Post link Video
Lewie Post link  
Jakob Kerman Post link Video
applestack_ Post link Pictures
MaxdelarionOP Post link Pictures
LamostAce Post link Pictures
Llamaboat Post link Video
Aotezukay Post link Video
uranium_tungsten Post link Pictures
fryguy101 Post link Video
Dakitess Post link Video
Stelonaut Post link Pictures
Robossbomb Post link Video
pinola_ Post link  
AntaresSud Post link  
vit1t0 Post link  
Ang Jia Yi Post link Video
Dylan Walker Post link  
Schyte96 Post link Pictures
DoesDoodles Post link Pictures
CessnaSkyhawk Post link Pictures
the_terran_starman Post link Video
KSPotato Post link Video
FFlunky99 Post link Video
JuleIsBored Post link Video
dm_macpherson Post link Video
The_ShadowZone Post link Video
Brad J Fulmer Post link Video
the_sanwal_guy Post link Pictures
Najiblah Post link Video
Billyrocka03 Post link Video
TetriTek Post link Video
Driacan Post link Video
Sigurd Post link Pictures
KerrMü Post link  
Tek_warrior Post link Pictures
Beriev Post link Pictures
Falcon 09 Andy Post link  
LouisIngenthron Post link  
Sailtex Post link  
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Really enjoyed seeing all these videos, and great to have them all in one post.

Fascinating to see such problem-solving ingenuity!

I particularly liked RealKerbal3x,  GewoonLukas_,  Aotezukay,  Robossbomb,  KSPotato, but all are interesting and inspiring.

My own version of a Duna rover mission, done long after the event, and obviously without the time deadline, tries to  remain both Kerbal and close to the real thing using stock parts only.

It's a 12-minute video. I hope someone enjoys it.

Overrated Systems (ltd): Duna lander Mission

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