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Warp drive drops frame rate strangely (pleas help)


Recently I have download the interstellar extended mod. Everything works pretty well except when I try to place a warp drive on a craft  in the veacule assembly building (or space plane hanger) my frame rate goes to 0.1 and it’s so eye straining that I haven’t been able to fly or build anything with it. 
 If anyone know how to solve the problem or has encountered the prob pleas help. 


: i do have tweakscale and module manager installed with the correct versions 

: i am fairly new to the game so I could if made some stupidly dum and obvious mistake 

: yes I did extract the correct stuff from game data in the ie file. 
: running on Linux 

: normally get 30 FPS at least 

: frame rate does drop to 0.1 not joking I timed it 

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