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What do you want for KSP 1.12? Poll

What do you want to see for KSP’s next update? You can choose multiple answers.  

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  1. 1. What do you want to see for KSP’s next update? You can choose multiple answers.

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Fix the bugs and improve EVA construction.

I think that we should have multi kerbal constructions. It would be like an actual "VAB" or base construction UI if multip kerbs could contribute to a build. 

Being able to make parts would also be cool.

Maybe adding more plane parts as well. 

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14 hours ago, Spaceman.Spiff said:


I think that we should have multi kerbal constructions. It would be like an actual "VAB" or base construction UI if multip kerbs could contribute to a build. 

In 1.11.1 they added this ability. Kerbals can assist engineers in lifting heavier parts.

It's not quite a full VAB but it's an improvement over only having 1 kerbal for construction.

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Small trolleys for engineers to use instead of having to have a rover on missions. Like a shopping cart. With higher level engineers having bigger push trolleys and maybe electric engines like you get on electric bikes.

Also the option to include life support for harder levels. Easy to do a 20 year mission if you don't have to worry about food, water, oxygen and repairs when they break.

Coil launch systems from airless bodies. Not rail guns but variable acceleration linear motors say up to 30km in length. That should get a dV of 3000m/s without high G

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Bugfixes, drone core revamp, Swivel+Reliant revamp, transfer window planner, small cargo capacity for the Experiment Storage Unit (it says it's a repurposed snack tin, why not let it store stuff like real snack tins?), helmets being cargo parts (so we can drop them on the ground and also so we can't just do an on-the-pad helmet equipping when we forget to do that, making lights cast shadows while making them less laggy, finite EVA fuel with ‘KMU Propellant’ being a stored resource in crew parts instead of filling from monoprop reserves, jetpack nerf, double kerbal inventory space and slots to fit helmet, chute, eva pack and a carriable item at the same time, moddable alternate helmets

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I'd like to see the in-flight construction system expanded with the ability to make new parts in-situ using ore and/or other parts, within reason- no turning a load of cheap fuel tanks into RTGs and making massive profits! Bugfixes are a given, then some improvements to part textures and models focussing on the parts that haven't been revamped recently/at all. Oh, and the ability to trigger specific Kerbal animations (either in IVA or EVA) at the press of a button so you can get a picture of all your Kerbals saluting/dancing/flapping their hands in panic at the same time instead of waiting for hours for it to happen by chance.

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I’m all for revamps (parts and planets) as well as life support (that doesn’t break modded life support if you want that) as a difficulty setting, no forcing it on people because doing 200 year long missions with maximum gravity assists is the way some want to play. Also an in game transfer window planner would be nice, but I get how that might freak out new players if they open it before they are ready.

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I don't have a VR setup, but having first person EVA stock, as well as VR support could make for quite the immersive jetpack ride if you use those hand joystick things.

That being said, there is a mod that adds first person EVA called Through The Eyes.

I'll probably come up with more possible additions to mention when I'm nowhere near my computer.



The ability to scroll in the tracking station menu, anyone?

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Lol ksp isn't going to be ported to a new engine when a second game is being worked on and the current engine is fine and that would break all mods.  They could tease some KSP 2 planets by adding them in an update, for example giving Eeloo a moon.      

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First person EVA would be great along with staying first person when on a rover.

I think the game lacks quite a bit on science experiments but I'm still new to the game so probably haven't explored everything yet. Water samples would be a good addition since a few planets/moons have liquid of some sort on the surface. Orbital science in the science lab doesn't have enough. There's tons of experiments do on the real ISS that can be replicated in the game's lab while built into an orbital space station.

To continue with science I think certain new techs should be unlocked through the research and development itself rather than gaining science points to unlock stuff on the tech tree. Maybe your vacuum engines kind of suck until you actually do some testing in space to make engineering improvements. This could unlock new engines or just improve the ISP/thrust of an existing engine. Same can go for pretty much any part in the game. This way you get the tech that you actually spent time developing. Maybe that's something for KSP2 though.

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I want something like 1.10 again. 1.10 introduced comets which allowed players to explore a new place in kerbol system. In 1.12 we could have a kuiper belt of asteroids that are like Arrokoth. Or we could have Trojans and circular solar panels like the Lucy mission

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Part Revamps: Inevitable

Bug Fixes: I would like to do away with docking ports becoming inoperable and krakens trying to render saves unusable.

New Features: Care to elaborate?

KSP VR:  I just don't see why

Texture Revamps: Inevitable

Port to 'Better' Gaming Engine: Using a different engine doesn't mean you game is going to magically become better. The common myth that Unity makes games worse is a myth that many who know what they're talking about are tired of.

First Person EVA: I don't see why not, should be fairly easy to do.

New Parts: The current lineup of parts has lots of holes in it. Only recently did we get RCS thrusters appropriate for very tiny probes and it may be a while till we get massive RCS thrusters. Restock+ does a lot to combat this issue.

New Planets: Just not worth the effort. If you want more challenges, try building a meter-tall, but very wide, spacecraft capable of going to every body in the Kerbol system.

Easier Manoeuvre nodes: This isn't specific enough to make a good judgement, but the current manoeuvre nodes aren't hard to use and give a good understanding of impulse manoeuvres to newbies.

More Easter Eggs: I don't see why not.

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My suggestion for new/revamped parts is to do something jet engine related. There are certainly good jet engines in KSP but there may be some gaps that could use filling.

-Scimitar engine: The RAPIER without the rocket mode. Many SSTO designs use only the jet engine mode of the RAPIER, trading its high top speed for its lower efficiency and using a dedicated rocket instead of the RAPIER's rocket mode. Maybe as a trade-off between the Scimitar and the RAPIER, the Scimitar could be lighter or more efficient, or cheaper. This engine would be used a lot for SSTO craft.

-Pulse jet engine: A very cheap and light jet engine for the beginning of career modes. Maybe have it replace the Juno in the tech tree and bump the Juno up a level, or maybe have the pulse jet down a level. The pulse jet engine would be a lot less efficient than other more advanced jets (1000-1500 Isp?) but it would be useful for puttering around the KSC area and getting some early game science, or for building micro jet engine craft, or for doing cheap contracts. The part number could be J-31, inspired by the Ford PJ31 pulsejet.

-Rolls-Royce Olympus: A very efficient jet engine that tops out at just over Mach 2. The Goliath engine would fill this role except it doesn't really look like it's a dedicated supersonic jet engine. If the Goliath does fill this role, then an actual GE90 that tops out at about Mach 1 would be nice.

-Ramjet engine: An intermediate between the RAPIER and the Whiplash. The J58 wasn't a true ramjet and couldn't get as high of a speed as one. The ramjet would have intermediate efficiency and top speed. Maybe the Whiplash could be nerfed to accommodate this.

-Whiplash afterburner: The J58 had an efficient afterburner, so I feel like the Whiplash engine should have a more efficient dry mode and a slightly less efficient wet mode, just like the Panther engine.

-Liquid air cycle engine or air turborocket: An engine that has high specific impulse at sea level and its specific impulse gets gradually lower as the atmosphere thins. Good for very high speed atmospheric flight but less optimal in space. This would be useful for large and streamlined craft. The RAPIER would fill this role except its rocket mode doesn't quite work this way.

-A more realistic precooler: The real purpose of a precooler is to slow down the incoming air that comes into a jet engine, as well as cooling it down to increase the engine's efficiency. The precooler could maybe increase the Mach limit of any engine attached to it, and/or increase its specific impulse. For balance, its internal fuel tanks could be removed, while keeping dry mass the same.

-Motorjet engine: Has a much flatter thrust curve than other jet engines and thus gives higher low-Mach thrust and TWR. Would be good for STOL / carrier landings.


Other random ideas:

Have the Nerv generate electricity when idle - after all, there's a pretty big nuclear reactor in there.

Have RTGs decay with a half life of 80 years or so. Time will become a pretty big factor in missions to Eeloo or something.

Have the gas generator outlets on gas generator engines produce thrust.



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I chose bug fixes but I think the game desperately needs a stock transfer window planner. Currently your only choice is a mod or (even worse for me) having to leave the game and go to a 3rd party website, yet seems such a fundamental requirement for a space game

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I don't vote on public polls, but my list would be:

  1. bug fixes.
  2. bug fixes.
  3. bug fixes.

Preferably in that order of priority.

Going beyond that, the only other thing I can think of that I'd really want, is bug fixes. But only if there's any spare development time after the above.

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