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Can we pull together official ksp Kontinents and oceans?


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For my Hitchhiker's Guide to Kerbals and my ongoing Dunaverse story, there's already names for at least two continents.  (Since all major landmasses on Kerbin are interconnected, you kind of have to define "continent" to mean "large areas between land bridges".)  The continent that the Kerbal Space Center is on is called Lovotrazi (and the nation behind the KSC is called Lovothoria).  The continent with the desert is called Devatrazi (and has its own nation, Devathoria).  Haven't come up with names for the badlands continent or the trailing western continent beside the badlands.

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2 hours ago, SkyRender said:

you kind of have to define "continent" to mean "large areas between land bridges

yeah I was more thinking of more like political continents, so then I'm more thinking countries

The ocean right next to the KSP  is commonly known as booster bay

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