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What are some fun historical missions to try to replicate?


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21 hours ago, LordVader2100 said:

I am trying to get back into KSP after a long break, and want to try to replicate a famous mission. What missions would be really fun to replicate (besides the very famous ones like Apollo 11) that don't get much attention? 

Maybe a foreign mission like a Mir or the Rosetta mission. Unmanned missions also don't get a lot of publicity so you could try those. 

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Have you considered alternate-historical missions? Missions that were considered, planned or even launched but never completed?

N1 moonlanding has been done quite a few times.

Phobos 1, Phobos 2, and Fobos-Grunt were all fairly ambitious Russian and Soviet probes to Phobos. 2 of them didn't make orbit and 1 of them had a computer bug in Mars orbit.

There's also the American Apollo Applications Program. Almost none of which was done to any extent but all likely could have and serious plans existed to do these missions.


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On the topic of alternate history missions, perhaps take a crack at doing a Apollo Manned Venus (Eve in this case) flyby:



Doing a Salyut mission would also be interesting, as I've not really seen that around here all that much. TKS would be a fun addition to that:



You could also do a Viking/Mariner program. Most people go off and do the Voyagers or the other exciting probes, but I think these need some coverage too:




Some other fun unmanned missions include Spirit + Opportunity, Galileo, Cassini (Substitute Laythe for Titan, unless you have OPM installed), and if you want some more alternate history, why not do the lost voyager probes: the ones originally planned to visit Uranus and Neptune respectively (OPM would be nice for that.)

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These are just off the top of my head for various milestones/techniques.

Unmanned suborbital spaceflight: V-2, Bumper-WAC

Manned suborbital spaceflight: Mercury-Redstone, X-15

Unmanned orbital spaceflight: Sputnik, Explorer

Manned orbital spaceflight: Vostok, Voskhod, Mercury-Atlas

Kerbin orbit rendezvous/docking: Gemini

Mun flyby / Kerbin escape: Luna program, Surveyor probes

Manned Mun exploration: Zond, N-1, Apollo, Nova

Basic interplanetary exploration: Venera, Viking, Mariner

Gravity assists: Galileo, Cassini (K-E-K-K-J route), Voyager, Pioneer (Jool assists to Kerbol escape), New Horizons

Orbital resonances: MESSENGER, Parker Solar Probe, Helios 2

Rovers: Apollo 15-17, Lunokhod, Sojourner, Mars Exploration Rovers, Curiosity

Docking: ISS, Mir, Skylab

Reusable spaceflight, spaceplanes: Space Shuttle, Buran, X-15, X-20, X-37

Mass optimization: SS-520

SSTOs: HOTOL, Skylon, DC-X

Asteroid/comet interceptions: Hayabusa, Rosetta

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