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Gliese-581c isn't really like Eve. First, that picture is just an artist's interpretation, as we definitely can't build telescopes that can observe that much detail over 20 light-years.

Second, G-581C is what is considered a "super-Earth". Measurements of orbital wobbles in that system can be used to determine approximately how much mass there is in that system, and where.

Third, G-581C is likely tidally locked to its parent star, given its close proximity. This could make it look a bit like Puf from the KSP2 previews, but with the "eyeball" covering the entire side of the planet that faces the star. The feature wouldn't be an ocean, though, it would just be an area bereft of frozen volatiles that would make an ice cap on the shadowed side.

Fourth,  it definitely wouldn't be purple. There just isn't really a combination of anything that would realistically combine in planetary scale to make an atmosphere bright purple.

Sorry to break your inflatable heatshield, but Gliese-581c isn't an Eve like planet, the artist just chose to render it that way.

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Its more likely to be like a mini neptune.

From the link supplied:


New research suggests that the rocky centres of super-Earths are unlikely to evolve into terrestrial rocky planets like the inner planets of the Solar System because they appear to hold on to their large atmospheres. Rather than evolving to a planet composed mainly of rock with a thin atmosphere, the small rocky core remains engulfed by its large hydrogen-rich envelope.


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