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bro how do i get good



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@bruhmomentium69can you tell us what type of things you need help with, e.g. building your vehicles, launching them or flying to other planets.

Are you are having problems with a vehicle that you have built, e.g. it does not stage properly, or it rolls over when flying it. If you are then post some pictures of it, so people can take a look at it and give some advice.

There are lots of tuturials on Youtube, here are some I found from a quick search, I don't know how far you have progressed in the game, so these are some explaining basic stuff. If these are not what you need, then take a look around Youtube for other ones or let us know what you would like help with.

I'm assuming that you want help with rockets, but if you need help with other types of vehicles, such as planes, then let us know.



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@bruhmomentium69 Here's what I would recommend:

Practice makes perfect. So watch some tutorials (like the ones linked above) and then try it for yourself.  If you don't figure it out on the first try, that's fine! Watch the videos again and try again as many times as you need until you can do it.

Once you've mastered one skill, you can move on to the next - and the great thing about KSP is that many of the basic skills you learn when playing for the first time are extremely transferable to the more complex maneuvers you might want to try once you feel a bit more confident. The learning curve is steep but it flattens out as you progress and in no time you'll find yourself landing on the Mun and building space stations with your eyes closed :)

Good luck!

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TLDR: GOTO The Short Answer Below

The art of "Getting Good" is fast becoming a lost art.

Our imagination is a huge part of the thinking process.
Your main tool at getting good is an imagination. Unfortunately, the very technology people want to "Get Good" with is the same technology robbing them of the art.

The death of the imagination started when calculators in school became part of the thinking process.

One is no longer taught to visualise two apples magically vanishing from a row of five to leave three remaining apples. Now one simply presses 4 buttons to get the answer.
Going hunting used to involve throwing a spear or shooting an arrow.
Before the shot one would visualise the path of the spear or arrow and be able to estimate how much power was involved in making the shot.
Today over 95% of the population of the world have never even seen an animal in the wild, let alone have to hunt one.
It is fascinating to think that so many people eat hamburgers yet in cities less than 6% have even seen a cow. They are only ever seen on TV for so many people.

People used to walk from place to place and the number of possibilities of things that could be imagined might happen on the way is what gave birth to so much of human literature. That people are not having their own individual experiences any more is the main reason why there is so little in the way of new stories.

As children, picking up a stick or a stone and it becoming in the mind's eye an aeroplane or a motor car and imagining the forces acting on it as one flew of drove at insane speeds around the garden was the foundation of many great scientists and thinkers.
Imagining who might live in that creepy old house and what they might be like became the start of many scary stories which have since become books and movies.
Speaking of books. Reading stories means that you have to be able to see the story in your mind. Excellent training for the imagination. But today, even though there are so many more people in the world than there were, there are actually fewer people in the world today that have read an actual book than there were just fifty years ago. They see the product of the imaginations of others splashed on a screen and never use their own.

Back when the human population didn't have so many zero's in it's number people used to imagine for their entertainment or used it as a tool for their livelihoods. It was a tool used to  invent new and wondrous things. The wheel, flight, submersibles and yes, even the first rockets. Someone had to imagine wearing the skin of an animal before clothing was invented.

If our children and their children never imagine what life would really be like in the low gravity of The Moon or on Mars then as adults, they will never want to go.

The Short Answer

How do you get good? Stop looking for the short answer. Imagine. Feel. Think.



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The in game tutorials were what got me through the early days of playing KSP, gradually getting an idea of what I was doing in bite-sized chunks. Try the tutorials first, that’s what they’re for, but after that you just have to learn by trial and error. There are a variety of video series etc. which can also help you, along with the stock craft files which can give you some ideas for your next design and KSPedia which has some information about a lot of things.

Ultimately it’s just like learning to ride a bike or play a musical instrument- practice, practice, practice.

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