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KSP NASA Perseverance Rover Special | Recreating the Mission in KSP

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Hello, there!

In this series of three videos, I will be recreating the NASA Perseverance Rover mission in KSP 1.11.1. This will not be recreated with full realism because I will be adding a Kerbal touch to the mission. Part 1: Building Perseverance has been released, with Parts 2 and 3 being released the weekend after Perseverance's landing. Hope you all enjoy!

Part 1: Building Perseverance


Part 2 and 3 coming soon!


I wish good luck and safety to Perseverance as it prepares to embark on its Martian journey.

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Part 2 and 3 will be releasing within 24 hours! In those episodes, I will be adding changes to the Rover and Skycrane, launching two satellites to provide comms, and launching the Rover itself!

Keep an eye out for the next episodes!

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Hello, everyone! I am deeply sorry for the long delays, but my laptop's fan whirred extremely loudly, so I had no choice but to give it a rest for a day or two. Parts 2 and 3 will release next weekend as major changes to the Atlas V will have to be made since it is not capable enough to reach Duna (Mars).

Thank you for bearing with the inconveniences so far!

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