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[V E R Y WIP] No Bounds (and some blue skies!) ((planet pack))

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hey yeah, if any of yall wanna... playtest my soon-to-be fully released mod... :flushed: now you can! If you want to... that is. :flushed: (my other planet pack was bad, i think i owe something decent for that existing)

Alright enough with the cringe
PLANETARY GUIDE (spoilers!!! :face-vomiting:)


we are active here!!! the mod is NOT abandoned!!!!!!


AAKIL: K Type Main Sequence 
ATAKU: B-Type Subdwarf
DIMITRO: An odd desert planet with no sort of atmosphere. Maybe it's not even sand at all.
UPSILON: Our home! Very sandy and tropical. No place better than home right?... Right guys? Right?
KENT: Standard boring run-of-the-mill cratered vacuum moon.
VALTOS: Moon with a thin Ammonia atmosphere
SHEN: Thawing ice planet with organisms frozen in time from the outer Saric system. (for deno, see Kent)


ATALUS: An overterraformed Miniupsilon with thick clouds and ravaging storms. A very nice destination for your daredevil friends.
SHILTO: Icemoon, most comparable to the likes of Vall or Eeloo. Further than that, not much of interest here.
CEGOS: Ceres-Analogue. All you'd expect from a dwarf planet. See Kent and Deno.
TALIOS: A deep blue gas giant, with large vast rings and some moons.
SCAIO: Supertylo with 1.2 G's of gravity
CEEL: Diarrhea Minmus. Nothing else. Aside from some awesome views!
PHALYUR: ((MASSIVE SPOILER WARNING))                                                                        A "Gas Giant" with some tropical beaches and vast oceans kept warm by its thick atmosphere.
CALION: Oceanworld with no landmasses aside from at its poles and an ice chunk by the south pole.
UNITY: Eeloo 2 electric boogaloo (with an atmosphere!) Oxygen sold seperately.
VLANT: Makemake analogue, all you'd expect. (MOONS NOT MADE YET)
KLINT: A haumea analogue with an oblateness height of 63km. Perfect for when your about to go to the interstellar beyond. (MOONS NOT MADE YET) 

DOWNLOAD:https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/10yJD7_1iwvTE6RTlB46CvBSJ05tZlM9y?usp=sharing (SCATTERER NOW MERGED IN DOWNLOAD)
No Bounds is not compatible with any visual mods other than the ones provided on-download.
(1) No Bounds Official Cinematic Trailer - YouTube

CREDITS!!! (love yall!) (not in a weird way)
SHBIBE (making a trailer for me! ((coming soon!))) Kopernicus Discord: epic ppl man
BLACKRACK scatterer and EVE redux 
R-T-B Kopernicus and Kittopiah Tech
JadeOfMaar: Sunflare of Maar
Kabrams sunflare creators (forgot): Kabrams Sunflare
Galileo: CTTP
Thank you all!

https://imgur.com/a/D4wggE0 heres your pictures
License: All Rights Reserved
this means:
-No, you cant use my assets
-No, you cant modify and use my assets.
-Anything with my assets you can't use.
-^ That includes configs, I will not hesitate to take action against violations of these terms. If you wish to use my assets, contact me at smushanoob#4556. (I don't bite!)
To learn more about this visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/All_rights_reserved

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1 minute ago, Spaceman.Spiff said:

No pictures?? ;.;

alr fine ill give in and ill post some pictures :cool:

7 minutes ago, Spaceman.Spiff said:

No pictures?? ;.;

added :cool:

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Download link temporarily nonfuctional. Updating in progress.
Update V0.2: Spaced out orbits, Confirmed compatibility with OPM. Fixed specularity issues.
Download link restored. 

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Sorry for the spam lol, but No Bounds will not receive any updates from now on until it is getting the full release. I just dont have time to update both versions and I hope for you all to see the newest version very soon! :)

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