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[1.8.x, 1.9.x, 1.10.x, 1.11.x,1.12.x] Material Science Pod Updated


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Originally made by forum user @Tyko, original thread here:https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/172457-17x-msp-3000-material-science-pod/

I've adopted and updated it.  The original is fine, this has my take on it.  Because of that, the part has been renamed.

What it does

Adds a new Material Science Pod part. The pod collects the same experiment as the larger Material Science Bay, but it's resized and weight balanced to be mounted opposite a Mystery Goo Container.

To game balance the smaller size and weight, the MSP-3000 unlocks later in the tech tree in the Miniaturization node.






Available via CKAN



  • Adoption by Linuxgurugamer
  • Renamed part to MSP-3000a to avoid conflicts with the existing MSP-3000
  • Changed mass to 0.1
  • Renamed mod directory 
  • Merged in CareerPatch
  • Made tags the same as the Material Science Bay
  • Increased the costs
Edited by linuxgurugamer
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12 minutes ago, Demcrew said:

@linuxgurugamer -

Seems to show conflict in CKAN, should I ignore ?


Or should I uninstall the MSP-3000 and use this one as a replacement ?


As usual, thank you for your work !! :)


There are some differences.  Part names are changed, so if you are currently using the older one, keep using it.  This is just a minor update with my personal take on it.  The conflict is there on purpose, so you don't accidently install both at the same time

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8 hours ago, theJesuit said:

The original mod IIRC borrowed the stock nosecone and mat bay and risezed placed them.  This was an issue with ReStock.  I see you have provided your own nosecone models?  

Thanks for bringing this through to 1.11.1.


No, he had fixed it himself.  I forked tue tepo, was pleasantly surprised at how little needed fixing.  Actu as lly, not fixed, just adjusted to my thoughts on it

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Suggestion: as this is the same size as the goo experiment add a cargo part with the same packed volume

	name = ModuleCargoPart
	packedVolume = 75


And thanks for keeping all these mods alive.

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