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The Sun or Kerbol


Sun or Kerbol  

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  1. 1. What do you call the Parent Star in KSP?

    • The Sun/the Solar System
    • Kerbol/the Kerbol System

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I use sun and Kerbol interchangeably - but the system is the kerbal system. Any star is a sun to its planets.  If there is a specific planet of reference (implicit or implicit), then that start is the sun of that planet.

Even in KSP2, I may still refer to Kerbol as the sun given the privileged status of Kerbin, and all the other stars are suns of their planets.. but if describing operations only within one of those solar systems, then I may also call those suns the sun.

Similar logic should apply for solarsystems... but ofr some reason I'm more hung up on the solar system only referring to the solar system that Earth is in...

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There’s a big difference between “a” solar system, and “the” Solar system; one is a generic term for any star and its planetary system, the other is specifically talking about Sol and it’s planets a.k.a. our own Sun and planets including Earth.

I tend to use Kerbol rather than “The Sun” because the Sun (Sol) is a different star; this has been influenced lately by playing RSS/RP-1 so the sun actually is the Sun.

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I never bought into the idea that everything KSP needs to have an added K.  I was honestly disappointed when the contracts appeared requesting Kolniya orbits, since Molniya orbits are a real thing and for the sake of clarity, I think that it's a bad idea to confuse legitimate terminology--especially when people who don't know about Molniya orbits wouldn't be in on the joke.  Imagine if KSP insisted on calling the point of closest approach on an orbit the keriapsis--or that flyby trajectories were kyperbolic.

That being said, I'm not immediately averse to the idea of Kerbin's star having a formal, official name, though my preference would be for one that does not include part of Kerbin's name (again for the sake of clarity).  I sometimes refer to it privately as Felipe's Star, since out of all the possibilities, that name is both realistic (e.g., Barnard's Star, van Maanen's Star, and Luyten's Star) and true.  But calling the local star the star is not confusing provided that the context is clear, just as you declaring that you'll be going back to the house does not mean the same house as I imagine when I think of the house, except in very specific circumstances that, again, would be clear in context.

Similarly, I understand that there's a bit of a hangup with the notion of the solar system, given that it has the formal name of Sol in it.  The general term for any system is star system, and I don't have an issue with that--especially since Kerbin system can be taken to mean the Kerbin-Mun-Minmus set of objects.  Kerbin's star system is better but not ideal.  Usually, I'll just call it the system and leave it at that unless there's a compelling reason to be more specific.

As for the star itself, I call it the sun, but it's not as though I feel any kind of cultish religious fervour for it.  I don't stare at it and chant, 'THESUNTHESUNTHESUNTHESUNTHESUNTHESUNTHESU....'

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