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hi !

today I tested the creation of agency with the proper flags

View on the forum I tested the format 512x256 without result the flag does not appear in the Vab or sph.

Same thing in 256x160.

I export in DXT5 with alpha layer mask.

In the Agents.cfg I clearly indicate where my flags are :

logoURL = PlaneTool/Agencies/LesHouxG
logoScaledURL = PlaneTool/Agencies/LesHouxG_scaled

and it's not working I have a small grey square every time .

The mask looks like it worked but I'm only an upper part that appears and it's rectangular and it's not my texture

 And what is this image format ".truecolor" ????  

seriously have can not make it simpler already than the DDS format and heavy to handle .......

Steph (I hope the translator worked well it's not simple explained)

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8 hours ago, stephm said:


PNG with the filename extension changed from '.png' to '.truecolor'. Idk why.

8 hours ago, stephm said:

alpha layer mask

DXT5 isn't multilayer, do you just mean that the image has transparency?

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hi !

@OrdinaryKerman     sorry for the delay (response) Anno 2205 has all my attention right now.

Yes, for the true color extension that's what I had done but the I was making a mistake I renamed an extension .DDS in

.truecolor for the scaled icon! Okay, thank you for that.

For DXT5 :



The DXT5 formats differs from the DXT3 format in the way the alpha information is saved. The colour information is stored in the same way.

For the alpha information it uses a palette, similar to the way the colour information is also stored. This palette contains a minimum and maximum alpha value. Then 6 other alpha values are interpolated between this minimum and maximum. This thus allows more gradual changes of the alpha value.

A second variant does interpolate only 4 other alpha values between the minimum and maximum, but also adds an alpha value of 0 and 1 (for fully transparent and not transparent). For some textures this might give better results.

BC3 RGBA 1 byte/px 4 color + 8 alpha 1 color + 1 alpha Color maps with full alpha
Packing color and mono maps together


there is indeed an alpha layer for the icon of the agency it serves to hide areas of the image that's what it seems to me.

In photoshop(2021) I use the latest plugins Nvidia export DDS and I use the bc3 format.

For me it is not a mask of transparency but a mask of selection to show only certain areas of the icon.

Already I will replace my icon (scaled) of DDS to truecolor by Png to truecolor to see what happens . and I'll be back.



Ok it's good (png to truecolor and not DDS) 

I well my icon cut by the mask I understood, I use the plugins Nvidia in the wrong way for the area selection on the image, at the time of export I thought it was necessary to include the mask of photoshop in a layer, but no it is necessary to apply the mask on the image, and the plugins createe automatically the mask after export.

It's for this project (Planetool) i continue on my other projects of course (But for this one I'll try to use GitHub) Like the forum pro &):lol: !!


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mise a jours
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