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What are you going to do the day KSP2 is released?

What are you going to do the day KSP2 is released?  

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  1. 1. What are you going to do the day KSP2 is released?

    • Buy it instantly and play all day
    • Wait for reviews or other people to say it's good
    • Not buy it for a while
    • Never going to buy KSP2

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8 minutes ago, Master39 said:

That's why refunds are a vital tool with hyped games.

No, that's why watching content creators (who probably get the game for free anyway) is vital for "hyped" games.

And you can bet your left buttcheek twitch and YT will be full of KSP2 when it releases :D

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10 minutes ago, Feye said:

And I don't trust developers/publishers before I can see the (at least somewhat) finished product.

Neither do I, that's why I try hands on and I refund if the game is not up to what I expected, without having to thrust any third party.

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None of the above exactly, something between options 3 and 4.

What I'm going to do is go play something with a native GNU/Linux port, and completely ignore KSP2 until it also has one. Then I'll wait to see if it's full of bees before I even consider buying it.

If KSP2 doesn't get a native port, that'll be a solid "never going to buy".

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The day it's released, I'll likely go down to the common room for my weekly bingo game with the ladies before my 4pm appointment with the nurses for a sponge bath at ye ole' retirement home.  That evening, they'll bring me a cupcake for my 80th birthday.

I'm 37.  

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