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Craft stuck upon decoupling



- I've built drone helicopter with small "landing pad", connected by decoupler. Helicopter must be decoupled from "landing pad" to start

- Helicopter flies perfectly  if launched on it's own (without "landing pad" part)

- Both pieces have antenna, command module, batteries and connection to KSC

- Immediately upon decoupling helicopter freezes and speed meter shows very high (for this type of craft) speed

- I use following mods: Kerbal Engineer, Kerbal Alarm Clock, Final Frontier, Precise Maneuver.


Below is the video showing the problem (1:29 minutes)




And craft file (with parachutes and stuff, so just stage it till you get to heli)

Anyone has any idea? The problem is that one of those helicopters currently sits on Eve's surface so I can't fix it easily, without editing save file. So if you have any idea how can I fix it (by editing saves or any other way), I will be grateful for help.


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Is the helicopter connected to the decoupler via the Cubic Octagonal Strut? I don't even have the mods you use, this seems to be a common issue...I've just tried putting a rover design on the Mun twice now connected to its lander via the same part and the rover has also frozen up every time giving those same numbers.






btw, have you checked the console? Im wondering if you're getting these messages too, maybe someone here knows what these mean exactly...



This thread below is the same bug I'm assuming and gives a sorta work around but there isn't yet any proper solution...


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Well, I found a temporary solution:

If your craft gets stuck like this, then:

1) Switch to nearby "live" vessel "]" on keyboard

2) QUICKLY go tracking station

3) QUICKLY go from tracking station to the stuck vessel

If you do it quick enough, it should be alive. Otherwise it will disappear.

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