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"Community Mods and Plugins Library" currently unsupported

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I've use the "Community Mods and Plugins Library" for years to help find and organize my KSP mods through its many evolutions by @Gaarst, the Librarian.

Howevere, it appears that Gaarst and all others who contributed to this Library and have the ability to update it are no longer active on the KSP Forums and thus the Library is now unsupported.

I'm just coming back to KSP this February after being mostly away the past year and more.  Going through my mods, I'm checking for changes.  Today, I realised that the Google Spreadsheet that's the current home of the Library hasn't received updates on many mods that have changed hands and have new KSP Forums topics.


The Forums says Gaarst hasn't logged in since 2019 Feb 11.

Posts continued on the topic up until 2020 April when I imagine the inactivity became obvious.

I wonder what's going to happen.  The Google Spreadsheet is still readable but as far as I know, only Gaarst can edit it.  Everyone else mentioned by name in the first post has also not been on the KSP Forums since 2019.

I'm personally in no position to recreate this, though if a support community could be formed to transfer and transform this, I could provide some time to help support it.

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Agreed (or simple select all/copy/paste to new sheet might do it too). If those don't work, from the original post:



If you don't want to or cannot use the Google Docs spreadsheet, there is a .txt file containing all the mods in the library available at the link below. It is best viewed from an editor without automatic line-break. (It is hosted on Dropbox, if you cannot access it, I can send you the raw text via PM)
CMPL.TXT FILE (last updated 2018/11/18 YMD)

For mods that are not compatible with KSP 1.2 and later, see the Outdated Mods list in the post below.


The text file is still available to download so you can add the info manually as another option

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