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Low cost missions - ongoing thread


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I like trying to fly missions with as low of a launch cost as possible. It's another dimension of optimization that is often overlooked, and the rules are different from mass optimization in some areas and the same in others.

Some of the main rules of thumb:
-No jet engines or ion engines. They're efficient but way too expensive
-Use the Baguette fuel tank
-Use liquid fueled rockets for your transfer stages and landers; use solid rockets for the launch
-Don't use RCS
-Try not to use electrical systems where possible (but I tend to keep electrical systems for ease of use)

Some low cost missions I've already done:

9995 fund rocket to Moho, Eeloo, and back:

24070 fund Jool 5 mission: (For Jool 5 challenge)

1738 fund Mun mission: (For the Mun and back Cheapskate Challenge)

Next I'll probably try a low cost mission to just Tylo and back. Or maybe Duna.

Note: If anyone can get a cheaper mission than what I've done, please let me know! I usually leave some pretty low hanging fruit for further optimization on the missions that I fly.

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