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Please let us manually set the dead zone on the sticks and triggers I need to completely remove the dead zone it makes fly so hard as there is no fine control move the stick is like nothing nothing nothing then move to far

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Need to not have a dead zone or be able to set it, really is so hard flying with no fine control, also when building sometimes need to turn of the snap to place a part correctly but ...... you can’t no fine control again and the part moves way to fast using the fine adjustment and offsetting tool I loved Kerbal  on my pc but it died so installed on PS4 now, wish there was a way to install mods as well but the control issues should have been fixed already tbh.

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This is more of a suggestion than a bug, but I agree.

Holding L1 is supposed to slow the cursor down for fine control, but it often doesn't slow down enough for the precise things I want to do. For example trying to offset a part to line up with another part within a few centimeters is an exercise of going back and forth repeatedly until I get lucky.

Trying to adjust a manuever by an amount of less than 0.1 m/s is the same situation. I can find ways to adjust the throttle or use RCS for very precise manuevers, but the manuever node itself is very hard to control at that precision.

Manuevers also have a weird inconsistency in the controls, where the axes for prograde and normal have no deadzone, but the axis for radial in has a huge deadzone.

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