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Show off your aircraft!


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I've recently been making a lot of aircraft in my new career game, and I'm looking for inspiration. I also think that simply seeing working planes improves new players ability to make aircraft, so...

Post you aircraft here!

They could be stock, modded, fast or slow, cargo planes or suborbital spaceplanes

Just remember, no SSTOs as there is already a thread for that


I'll start with my SR-71-K, heavily based off the SR-71


SR-71-K takeoff at dawn


Climbing to altitude. Those ramjets produce lots of thrust


Cruising at high speed, en route to the Northern Ice shelf 

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BAK Manta – a flying boat/flying wing suitable for use on Kerbin or Laythe. A solar-powered variant would be terrific for Eve, but this one runs on fuel cells. It's one of my all-time favourite planes, it handles really well, is reasonably fast for a prop craft, and operates from water easily:


BAK Elvira – the support craft for my Raphael fully recoverable Eve launch system. It's equipped with drills, ISRU, and a mobile crane used to recover the orbiter module and mount it back on the lifter module. 


BAK Sea Legend – a nuclear-powered light passenger seaplane for use on Laythe and Kerbin. Operates from water or land. Unlimited range!


BAK Bosun – it's a flying boat. Not hard to convert into something that actually carries crew. This one is just for joyriding though, the main attraction is that it's super easy to fly and takes off from water easily, even with Scatterer wave physics enabled.


And finally, BAK JUNO MIDGE, equipped with the patented BAK unicycle landing gear. It will survive atmospheric entry if you can somehow get it into space. Because why not? 



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Twin turboprop tiltwing VTOL which is well controllable up to about 200 m/s in horizontal flight.

It probably won't help you much in career mode, but it's fun to develop and fly.

The transitions between vertical and horizontal in both directions are controlled by robotics, but it possible to do it manually.

The problem of the wing hinge opening in flight is fixed with a couple of rotating locks.



Video here:


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Some of the aircraft I've been using in my Out of the Sands career:

CF-01 Star - early jet, powered by twin Junos.  There was also a version using a single prop engine in the nose to test the airframe while the Juno's were being researched.   The PropStar was quite popular with Jeb & Val over the older Buffalo.



Also has the SuperStar variant with afterburning turbojets (from AirplanePlus mod)


The new CF-02 Cobra - capable of pushing slightly past mach 1.  Much more fuel efficient but not as fast as the SuperStar


The old reliable CFP-01 Buffalo was in use before the development of jets:



Plus a few "X-planes" to complete various speed/altitude contracts:

CX-01 Arrow, first supersonic aircraft


And the CX-02, capable of breaking mach 2.  Has a pair of jets for take-off & climb, then a rocket engine for a burst of speed.



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Behold! The super-fast-hypersonic- KerBommer!!!!

My speed rec. is 1,453 m/s with it! THATS INSANE! It takes off at 50 m/s and stalls at...... 20 M/S!!



It on the runway:








Hope you like it!


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13 hours ago, Caerfinon said:


These aircraft are really cool, how did you get these cool looking screenshots with the text? Is it an addon or did you add it yourself?


12 hours ago, JIMMY_the_DOG said:

Behold! The super-fast-hypersonic- KerBommer!!!!

My speed rec. is 1,453 m/s with it! THATS INSANE! It takes off at 50 m/s and stalls at...... 20 M/S!!

Very cool

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At the moment I´ve only got two planes to show for.

1: My humble attempt at a DC-3



and 2: I just built this today. I don´t think it´s finished yet, but my bed is calling and it´s already cool to fly. :grin:


And parked side by side:



On 3/4/2021 at 7:14 PM, Brikoleur said:






Brilliant! :valblush:

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3 hours ago, JcoolTheShipbuilder said:

screenshot of the first plane i made lol
yes the wings were floppy lol
and then there was this....
was hard to control, but it DID fly!


though i have a question, on the second one, the absolute monstrosity of a plane one, could it actually fly? 

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Apologies. I started basically the same sort of page in discussions, that got moved to exchange, so I hadn't realised this existed. No wonder I wasn't getting a lot of interest.

Good work. some great stuff here.

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I love messing with airplanes too, especially destructive ones  ;) 

So, I have been working on super manueverable, belkan witchcraft kind of fighters

Behold the KF-223


It is in some ways a combination of ADFX-02 Morgan and ADF11F Falken from Ace Combat series. I replicated the weapons loadout of ADFX-02 via a combined laser weapon including a seperate battery and auxillary power unit. MPBMs are also there as backward nuclear tipped missiles. 

Mods used:
Airplanes Plus

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Yikes, can't believe I missed out on posting my Draconic Athena II SGI




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It can carry 40 missiles/bombs but also has a GAU-8 Cannon with 4,800 rounds defualt but Minor Details
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