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Rocket explosion trouble:(



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Particularly large rockets that depend on certain pieces, like say, struts, for support, will probably fall-apart on the pad. The number of parts required for this to happen is proportional to the speed (how many physics calculations per second) the computer's fastest processor core may achieve (KSP is single-threaded; it only uses one core at a time). In other words, slower processing cores will be able to handle fewer parts, before the engine starts dropping certain calculations in order to maintain frame-rate such that the game engine continues at 1x speed. The first (or one of the first) things to go are strut calculations.

I'd imagine that time-dilation, similar to how EVE Online handles extreme loads server-side, would help alleviate the problem so that users (at least patient ones) with slower computers could still get large rockets off the ground (if they were patient enough). Though it's anyone's guess if Squad has such a thing planned, or if they even have ability to do it (limitations of the engine, excessive development time for such a feature, sheer difficulty of adding a throttle to your program, can all be limiting factors).

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