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(Help) Loading Spaces at Unity - Props in a huge scale / position

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I have a unsolved problem which i couldn't handle, and i would like to somebody help me.
After a several time spending to finding the "right" version and all bugs corrections to use Unity properly, all my internal files, when i load it, the Position / Rotation / Scales are messed up! 
I've recognized analyzing the files in ".cfg", the Part Tools is not reading the dots in the vectors.  So, for example: 0.0345 turns in 345 when I load it in Unity, as you can see below in the link:


My tools versions +configs:  

  • KSP 1.11 (Game Data with A.S.E.T + JSI + DE_IVAExtension + Squad + Expansions)
  • Unity 2019.2.2f1
  • Part Tools 1.8.0
  • TM Pro 1.0.56

Texture Issues Fixed following these  two topics


Thanks for everything!

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@Icaro.C do you happen to be on a non-English Windows PC? this sounds lie maybe that thing with international systems that use comma instead of period, for decimal numbers.

Maybe these links might help?



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