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It would be crazy if there was something else to do in oceans other than crash land or make a base there when you run out of fuel when entering laythe. I was thinking starting off small like science experiments for different deepness but if you really wanna go crazy, add submarine parts to the game and make water pressure a thing. I know this is a huge thing and if its included it would have to be in ksp 2. anyways this is a stretch since its kerbal space program not kerbal space and ocean exploration program (although one could say they are an important part to know of other celestial bodies)

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It's actually not an uncommon request.  There already is  optional water pressure, but every stock part has the same pressure tolerance  (~400m underwater) so all it does it keep you from reaching the bottom if its turned on.   It is possible to make functional stock submarines & submerged bases, but it usually takes a LOT of full ore tanks to sink.   I can't think of any specific ones off the top of my head, but check on KerbalX for ideas

There are a couple mods that add submarine parts, which is probably the best you can hope for in KSP.   "Moist" is one, but I haven't used it.  Buffalo (by @Angel-125 ) adds submersible parts and IIRC adds a mechanic to increase pressure tolerance.   I haven't messed with it in 1.11, but when I was more active in KSP (up to ver 1.9) it was one of my favorite mods.  I think there might be one or two more as well - maybe one of the USI mods.

Here's a Laythe drone sub I sent to gather ocean science a while back, using some Buffalo parts (the prop & ballast tanks specifically)



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Exploring the oceans is pretty cool and quite ‘relaxing’ I find. But like the space aspect (which also suffers from this), you need something to do when you get there.

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