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Ship Vanished



Playing on Linux

No Mods All DLC

Not using steam. Playing from the steam folder.

Went onto steam. Noticed an update for KSP.

Installed the update.

Closed steam.

Entered the KSP folder and started KSP.

Played around with a jet making kerbals black out.

Thought about doing a High G mission.

Noticed that Duna was coming up along side Kerbin so decided to launch a Sat.

Launch went well.

Made minor course correction to set Ap of sat to around 50K over Duna North Pole.

Flew with the ship out of Kebin SOI.

Got the milestones for flyby and orbiting the sun.

All looked well.

Decided to change vessel to Mimnus Station and cash in on several days of science.

Couldn't find my Sat any more.

Checked that I had Relays and probes Visible on the map.

No sign.

Went to Tracking Station.

Debris from the flight to orbit was there but no sign of the vessel.



This is from a vanilla (never seen a mod) game. Just updated.

If this is bug that no one knows about and says that they need logs and screenshotsI will quit playing KSP right now.



Odds Bodkins. Just reloaded to see how recent my latest quicksave was and the ship was back. Right where it should be. Showing up on the tracking station as soon as I entered.

I'm sure that somewhere in it's malevolent code it's laughing is little thrusters off at me.

Ok KSP... I'm watching you.




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14 hours ago, Daveroski said:

Debris from the flight to orbit was there but no sign of the vessel.

Not likely but maybe try increasing Max Persistent debris and see if it happens again.

If for some reason it considered your vessel debris and you are over the limit then some of the debris would dissapear like that.

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