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Hello friends, I currently play with the ksp 1.9.1 version and I am trying to install this mod, I tried with the ksp 1.11 version by copying the file from the GameData folder of the mod to the GameData folder of the game but I can not see that the map is installed Am I installing the mod correctly or where can I find this mod for the version of ksp that I have? I thank in advance who can help me with my problem.



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Kowgan stopped including the *.ksp version of the map -- the one that you would put in GameData to see in the KSPedia inside the game.  The link at the front post says that it points to a KSPedia version, but that is wrong.

The map and its numbers never change, because the orbits of the planets don't change.  But, the KSPedia version needed to be remade when KSP changed Unity versions.  You can see near the end of the thread that a couple other people made the conversion, and their links probably still work if you want the map in KSPedia.

The png image, or the pdf version, might be more convenient for you, if you can run an image viewer and switch between it and KSP.

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If you’re looking for a mod to show you where you can go based on your delta-V in the editor (and based on that delta-V map), look at Where Can I go; very simple and easy to use, it just tells you where you can go, gives values for flyby, orbit and landing and for one way or return trips. It might not be perfect, but then no prediction system ever is and it does the job well enough, even with modded solar systems like OPM or JNSQ.

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