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Getting into Kerbin orbit with only a jet engine

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The Challenge:

Build a plane (with air-breathing engines only, NO CLOSED-CYCLE RAPIERS!!!) that can reach orbit with only jet engines. Highest gravity wins. In the event of a tie, largest orbit (semi-major axis) wins.

You may use Hack Gravity to help get into orbit. You may not use game exploits, like Kraken/ladder drives, or launchers (decouplers, solid fuel kickstart stage, drop-launch, etc.). You are allowed to use no more than 8 sepratrons. You may use these at any time during the flight (Hint: You should probably use it at apoapsis to put your craft into stable orbit.)

Please include a screenshot of the craft, a screenshot of your orbit (with apoapsis and periapsis). Also, please indicate what the gravity was set to. You can add the semimajor axis if you want, but I can do the math ((Ap + Pe)/2)!

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more lenient requirements
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You may want to check whether this challenge is possible first. (It is, but only with a bit of lateral thinking. A traditional single stage plane cannot make orbit without rockets due to mach number limitations).

For example, no jet engine produces any thrust above mach 6. So you have to have a different way to get energy.

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@WarpPrime, I'll put in the spoiler below links to an old thread where people tried to design a similar challenge.   

The stock jet engines 1) only work inside the atmosphere, and 2) have their trust go to zero before the craft reaches orbital velocity,
so the crux of the challenge becomes creative use of other parts, and the crux of setting the challenge is to explain what creative uses are allowed, versus what exploits you think would make the challenge non-fun.




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