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[1.8-1.11] KSPBurst - Burst compiler for Kerbal Space Program


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Burst compiler for Kerbal Space Program

KSPBurst by itself will not provide any performance benefits. Mods will need to use Unity job system and decorate the jobs with [BurstCompile] to get any improvements.

The Burst compiler is archived to prevent KSP from trying to load its dynamic libraries. The archive is extracted the first time the mod runs to <path to KSP>/PluginData/[email protected]<mod version>-<archive name>. Burst standard outputs can be found in <path to KSP>/Logs/KSPBurst/ and KSP.log.

Repository: https://github.com/KSPModdingLibs/KSPBurst/


Download the latest release from the GitHub releases and extract the archive into your KSP directory. plugins_only version does not contain the compiler, use it only if KSPBurst is a hard dependency and download size is an issue.

Alternatively, KSPBurst can be installed from CKAN using KSPBurst identifier. plugins_only version is indexed as KSPBurst-Lite.

Compiler version requires Mono, you can download it from here.

Burst compiler version can be changed by replacing existing [email protected]<version>.zip archive with a different one. The mod expects the archive to follow <package name>@<package version>.<extension> naming scheme, where <package name> contains burst. If a matching archive was not found, KSPBurst will default to using a compiler matching <path to KSP>/PluginData/*burst*/package/.Runtime/bcl.exe with the greatest package version.

Burst packages can be found here.


KSPBurst can be bundled with other mods. Bundling plugins_only version will keep the file size down but users will need to download the compiler version for Burst benefits.

Burst compatible Unity plugins and their dependencies are also bundled:

Configuration Options

All configuration options present in KSPBurst.cfg map directly to bcl.exe command line options. If ModuleManager is present, patched options will be used.


Usage: bcl.exe [options]
       bcl.exe --platform=<platform> --assembly=<PathToAssembly.dll_or_exe> --type=<TypeName>
       bcl.exe --platform=<platform> --assembly-folder=<path1;path2> --method=<FullMethodName[--MethodHash];method2>
       bcl.exe --validate-external-tool-chain --platform=<platform>
      --platform=VALUE       Target Platform <Windows|macOS|Linux|Android|iOS|
                               Default: Windows
      --backend=VALUE        The backend name. Default: `burst-llvm-11`
      --safety-checks        Enable safety checks. Default for safety checks:
                             Disable safety checks. Default for safety checks:
      --disable-opt          Disable `ir-opt` and `cpu-opt` optimizations
      --fastmath             Enable fast math optimizations
      --target=VALUE         Target CPU <Auto|X86_SSE2|X86_SSE4|X64_SSE2|X64_
                               Can be specified multiple times for enabling
                               more than one target. Default: Auto
      --opt-level=VALUE      Optimization level. Default: 3
      --opt-for-size         Optimizes for size instead of performance. Default:
                             Precision CPU <Standard|High|Medium|Low> Default:
      --float-mode=VALUE     Math options <Default|Strict|Deterministic|Fast>
                               Default: Default
      --dump=VALUE           Dump flags <None|IL|Backend|IR|IROptimized|Asm|
                               Default: Function
      --format=VALUE         Object format <Elf|Coff|MachO|Wasm> Default: Elf
      --debugtrap            Inserts a debug trap on the first instruction of
                               the entry point function. Default: False
      --disable-vectors      Disable SIMD Vector types special codegen (float4,
                               float2...). Default: False
      --debug=VALUE          Enables generation of debug info <None|Full|
                               LineOnly> - PDB, DWARF -. Default: None
      --debugMode            Enables debuggability for code generation using a
                               native debugger. Default: False
                             Enables the generation of static linkage methods.
                               Default: False
                             Enables the generation of job marshalling methods.
                               Default: False
      --temp-folder=VALUE    The temporary directory to use. Defaults to C:\
                             Warnings to disable (separated by ;)  e.g. BC1370;
                             Compilation defines to use for building (seperated
                               by ;)  e.g. UNITY_2020_1;NET_2_0
      --linker-options=VALUE Additional settings to be consumed by the native
                               linkers (seperated by ;)
                             Link external calls directly instead of using
                               burst.initialize. Default: False
                             Use platform compiler tool chains for building
                               desktop platforms (requires MSVC/XCode/Gcc/Clang)
                               , also has no cross platform support : Default:
      --output=VALUE         Output path for the generated shared library.
                               Default: lib_burst_generated
                             Keep intermediate files along the shared library
                               generated final file. Default: False
      --nolink               Don't link the final object file to a shared
                               library but let the object file to be the output.
                                Default: false
      --no-native-toolchain  Don't look for a native toolchain. Useful if you
                               want to provide your own.
      --emit-llvm-objects    Forces output of object files to be LLVM bitcode
                               rather than native objects.
      --key-folder=VALUE     Key file folder location - required for some
                               platforms. Default:
      --decode-folder=VALUE  Decode folder location - required for some
                               platforms. Default: C:\burst
      --threads=VALUE        Number of compiler threads working concurrently.
                               Default is 13
                             Assembly folders (separated by ; or multiple
      --method=VALUE         Full methodname with optional hash (separated by --
      --type=VALUE           A type to decompile all static public methods from.
                                A hash will be generated for each method
      --assembly=VALUE       An assembly path to look for the type
      --group                Start a new group of methods
      --verbose              Display methods being compiled. Default: false
      --root-assembly=VALUE  Root assembly for finding compile target methods
                             Recursively scan root assembly references for
                               target methods. If this is false, only target
                               methods from the root assembly will be compiled.
                               Default is True
                             Don't attempt to build anything, just check that
                               the current target and host are correctly
                               configured for linking
                             Produce patched managed assemblies and put them in
                               this folder
      --pinvoke-name=VALUE   Patch assemblies with pinvokes to this name
      --only-static-methods  Compile only static methods and not Execute
                               methods of job producer interfaces
      --method-prefix=VALUE  Add a prefix to the names of generated methods
      --chunk-size=VALUE     Number of methods to compile per threads working
                               concurrently. Default is 3
      --log-timings          Log timings. Default False
      --enable-guard         Enable guard asserts. Default False
                             Name of Execute method. Used in DOTS Runtime,
                               where an extra wrapper Execute method is
                             Print a warning if a compiled function pointer is
                               missing MonoPInvokeCallbackAttribute (needed for
                               IL2CPP). Default: false
      --output-mode=VALUE    Output mode <SingleLibrary|LibraryPerJob> Default:
                             Always create output library. If this is false and
                               no target methods are found, no output library
                               will be created. Default True
                             Cache directory. Default
      --only-list-methods    Only list the methods to compile. Outputs like '
                               assembly.dll, method'. Default False
                             A semicolon seperated list of paths to search for
                               pdbs, in addition to the same folder as the
      --warmup               Run a warmup pass of the compile to amortize the
                               cost of the JIT Compile. Default False
      --help                 Show Help




  1. KSP installation
  2. python
  3. Unity Editor 2019.2.2f1 (if building Unity packages)


Tools read mod configuration options from config.json, users should create config.json.user and override the values there:

Option Description
unityBuildDir relative path to unity project build directory
kspMin minimum compatible KSP version
kspMax maximum compatible KSP version
version KSPBurst version
versionTemplate relative path to version template file
unityPackages list of bundled unity packages
unityDependencies list of managed plugins that unity packages depend on


tools contains python scripts:

Script Description
post_build.py copy libraries to the mod directory, archive the Burst package if it exists and copy the mod to KSP installation
version.py update version information in source files and ReadMe
package.py package mod into an archive at archives/, outputs 2 versions, one with and one without the Burst compiler

Building the Mod

  1. Clone KSPBurst

  2. Create Directory.Build.props.user in the root directory with

        <KSP_DIR>path to KSP</KSP_DIR>

    Depending on the platform you may also need to set DATA_DIRNAME to match your installation.

  3. If not building Unity packages, go to to step 7

  4. Open Unity project at Unity/KSPBurst in Unity Editor

  5. Build the Unity project and note the build directory

  6. Create config.json.user in root directory with

      "unityBuildDir": "<relative path to unity build directory in step 5>"


  7. Build KSPBurst with your IDE or from command line, the mod will be copied your KSP installation. If the burst package is present in Unity directory, it may take a while to archive it the first time.


Unity plugins are licensed under under the Unity Companion License for Unity-dependent projects--see Unity Companion License.
KSPBurst is licensed under the MIT license


System.IO.Compression and System.IO.Compression.FileSystem plugins are used for archive decompression and are bundled with Unity Editor.
NuGet package Microsoft.Extensions.FileSystemGlobbing is used for glob pattern matching.

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