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[1.9.x, 1.10.x, 1.11.x] Persistent Rotation Upgraded

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Originally written by @MarkusA380, it's been dormant for a few years. @whale_2 did do some maintenance on it, it hasn't been updated since march, 2020.

I did hear from @markusa380 on Github, but he never responded after the first message. I submitted a PR to him, but it seems to have died a stillborn death.   So I decided to adopt this.

Original thread is here:  https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/102277-18-persistentrotation-186/

I've made the following changes and will maintain this moving forward.:

  •  Merged in localization chagnes from github user @6DBYZBX, includes both english and chinese
  •  Replaced toolbar code with the Toolbarcontroller
  •  Added ClickThroughBlocker
  •  Removed buttons referencing specific button (toolbar or stock)
  •  Added button referencing generic toolbar
  •  Added new .version file (Upgraded)
  •  Added LGG local build files


Momentum and Rotation in KSP are quite unrealistic.  This mod will maintain rotation through timewarping and changing vessels, etc.




A42tBcT.png  Beginners guide on GitHub wiki


Feature List

- Persistence of Momentum through timewarping and restarts.

- Momentum Autopilot, keeping your vessel at fixed RPM.

- Non-physical spin simulation when vessel is warping or unloaded.

- Reference Rotation in both realtime and timewarp, 100% persistent.*

- Slight spin for every Asteroid per default.

- Simple & intuitive GUI supporting both Stock and Blizzy's Toolbar.



Available via CKAN


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Process for searching mods:

Google -> Find mod thread -> notice it's outdated -> go to last page -> find Linuxgurugamer takeover post -> be eternally grateful:heart_eyes:

Edit: turned my Patreon back on and added German config pull request. @linuxgurugamer thank you for your service!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Am I being dense or just not understanding something?

When I set my ship to prograde, the mod does what it should :)

When I set the same vessel the radial in, it carries on spinning (in warp) like the mod doesn't exist? Am I doing something wrong?

Mod version is latest on CKAN :)

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Can't seem to find an option to move or hide the onscreen window. Am I missing something, or is it not possible?

Edit: Yeah I was just missing the obvious toolbar button.

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