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How do you reduce costs? (Redone)

Wizard Kerbal

How do you reduce costs?  

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  1. 1. Do you try to reduce costs?

    • Yes
    • SST No
  2. 2. How do you reduce costs?

    • Recovery
    • Refueling, the last of the three Rs.
    • SSTOs
    • Efficient designs
  3. 3. Did I miss something?

    • Yes!
    • No.

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Here are a couple of things I do to reduce launch costs as much as possible:

-Use SRB for the launch stage. Ideally one or two stages

-Use the Baguette tank, it's got a great fuel/cost ratio

-Gravity assists!

-Minimal mass upper stages. Command seat strapped to a tiny rocket

-Use probe cores rather than reaction wheel modules

Here are some low cost missions I've done:


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1) The strategy (in the admin building) that reduces the cost of parts (aggressive negotiations maybe?)

2) Ditto reduced recovery costs. 

3) Basic "just get job done” designs.

4) Alt-f12 -> Cheats -> add 10000

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"Reducing costs" really isn't a thing, for me.  I design the right rocket to carry out the mission, and it just costs whatever it costs.

The reason that I don't worry myself about the cost of the rocket is that the cost of the rocket is basically irrelevantIncome from contracts is much higher than the cost of missions-- I just wait until there's a lucrative contract that's reasonably quick to do, and that'll pay for scads of missions.  If I just play the game, money flows in.  For example, "launch a new station on a solar orbit" contracts can pay well over 500K funds, for a craft that takes about five minutes to slap together from scratch and launch to an escape trajectory.  That'll pay for an awful lot of missions.

By far the major financial cost of the game is upgrading buildings (especially R&D), and that's a fixed cost so there's nothing there to reduce.

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