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I’ve just had a thought, and I wondered if it would be possible and if anyone else liked it. (Possibly for KSP, but more likely KSP2)

My idea is based on the fact that KSP and Kerbals in general are quite silly, fun and quirky, and this would add a bit more of that onto the current EVA science pack. As far as I have experienced, the only animation is a Kerbal hitting a golf ball. My idea however, is that the animation could vary depending on the location at which the EVA science is being conducted. For example, in the polar regions of a planet (if they are ice caps) a Kerbal could make a snow ball and throw it, rather than hitting a golf ball.

Also, to add to this when a Kerbal plants a flag when in the polar ice caps of a planet, it could make a snow man (snow Kerbal) and have that as the marker.

Again, this would all vary depending on the biome, type of planet, and possibly some other factors.

Let me know what you all think :)

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