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Is There A Major Feature Of KSP You Never Use?

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Lemme think, for starters, as someone else mentiones, docking mode, never used it, never bothered to use it, as im just so used to wsadqe and ikjlnh that docking even the most unwieldy vessel is easy as heck.  Honestly, the hardest part about docking for me is the lack of a half decent stock camera (only easy to do so if i have the docking port directly in front of the bridge fully visible ut i dont really use fore mounted docking ports, almost always dorsal/ventral or port/starboard for those things as i guess i think docking something on the nose of a capital ship looks dumb regardless of practivcality).

Another thing, science/career.  I gave them a try, but i like using my own imagination to come up with missions/scenarios, and i can always arbitrarily limit myself to certain parts if i so please (and i routiniely do so as i have ship lines that are supposed to be "low-tech" such as anything BCorp faction or pirate vessels).  That and i like to play combat related things which makes no sense in career/sci modes.

Then there are a handful of parts i just never bother with, but those are too may to mention here, prolly ones that many people do use bbut i dont include the mk2 and mk1-3 pods (i just dont like making RL replicas and im not a fan of conventional circular rockets, gimme a square/triangular/whatever angly design any day over circular, most of my ships either use a cockpit clipped into the hull to make it non-circular or just slap on the only good looking stock pod, the rover/capital ship bridge pod, that or i just make my own bridge from command chairs and a custom interior).  That and some thing like the 5m parts, maybee its just me, but ive yet to build anything that a 7 engined 3.75m rocket cant lift (14 tanks, core and 6 side tanks 2 largest tanks each, and the quad engines below these).  I have some design concepts that the 5m parts would be essential for, but every time i start one of them i quickly realize the part count is going to melt my CPU, so i end up shelving it (cant really make anything that is over 600 parts for me since i like to be able to add fighters and ammo and smaller vessels to my big ships, so while i can possibly handle 1000 parts on one ship, i wouldnt really be able to use this in a fleet sized battle...

Another thing, dV readouts.  There has always been a memory leak associated with this that slows the VAB/SPH to a crawl, and i just keep it disabled.  Takes me about 20 seconds to calculate the dV of all my ships anyways using a calculator.

Finally, mission builder.  I have played some missions including the stock ones, so its not like i dont like them, i just dont have the time these days to actually make my own missions (and the mission community is almost non existant anyways, everyone just does forum challenges).  maybee had the DLC come out when i was still in college and had loads of freetime (those were the days, i could actually enjoy playing KSP and still mod the crap out of it constantly including altering mods i played), but i just dont have time for game mods anymore, given that i have almost 0 freetime and what little i have im too tired to do any sort of thinking during :(, then again, having a stressful job with long hours suck arss regardless of the fact i get good pay for it...

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1 hour ago, Spaceman.Spiff said:

I've tried to make propelle rplanes, but gave up because I can't get contra-rotating blades to work.

Same here, and helicopters. Eventually something will click and I will learn. Think I need to download working ones from Kerbal x now.

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jet engines.

i used one a couple of times when i was playing career for early atmosphere survey contracts.

then i learned to make propeller planes. I don't do career anymore anyway, and if my objective is to gather science from every biome of laythe for a challenge, i don't want to worry about fuel. furthermore, if my vehicle is a spaceplane that's supposed to return to orbit and rejoin the mothership afterwards, then two counterrotating rotors and a few rtgs to power them up are maybe 1 ton of weight, leaving enough room for rockets and fuel to orbit. if i have to put a jet engine and jet fuel in addition to everything else, i can forget ever orbiting again.

i tried to use docking mode once, but by then i was used to lkijhn, so it didn't stick. but i wouldn't call it a major feature.

mission builder definitely gets a mention, i don't even know what it is or what it could provide that i cannot get with the alt-f12 menu

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