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South Star General, Modded Science Playthrough

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South Star General (SSG)
Operates with these mods: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1UxQ_v2vs6S39-BLRq_p85wCdWrd3J44H?usp=sharing

And is documented on this channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi2soGW3lRcA9MXfOYUZcyg

This first post is underwhelming but others will be more flushed out. I was not planning on posting missions in this save file but I thought it would be fun so this first post may be a bit boring.


This video will catch anyone and everyone reading this thread up to speed:

Launch 1:
Firefly 1
A 3 stage sounding rocket carried Jeb Kerman until it spun out and was forced to abort a higher apogee.

Launch 2:
Candlestick 1
A 2 stage center core with two valiant engine boosters. It successfully launched using decouplers as radial decouplers and made it in to space. the mirrored fins at the top of the rocket allowed safe reentry for most of reentry but eventually failed when the pug engine burnt and sent the craft into a spin which burnt off all radially mounted items, including the fins. Though transversely this slowed down the craft enough to deploy parachutes at a safe altitude.

Launch 3:
Candlestick 2
A 3 stage center core with 4 valiant engine boosters. Successful orbital flight. Nothing went wrong. Though I did spend a bit of time sitting in the payload "fairing". We could see our house from up there!

The rest of the launches were all planes and were pretty insignificant, later launch reports will be more detailed. I'm tired and want to sleep lmao.

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To The Moon!cut out Doge png for you all to use : dogelore

Munar Expedition 1: Dogey I

The mission launched from the KSC shortly after the Jedidiah landed upon the small landing pad that had been duct taped to the science payload bay. (As documented in the post above). An oscillation in the rocket began around 5km, forcing Jeb to turn the Authority Limiter to 8 on the fins, which allowed the issue to subside. Shortly after, the thumper boosters detached and promptly collided close beneath the rocket, contributing a small amount of extra delta V. One fin on the core stage was painted with a special protective coating that proved successful, later probes will likely use a similar coating. MECO occurred halfway into the final orbital burn, but left the terrier with little margin for error. This forced the rocket into a more radial out position to raise the orbit, which ended up being successful.
The course plotted afterward led to a 1000km flyby of the mun, just enough to learn about the "high above the mun" area. Though the burn ended up being a little less precise than expected, the correct periapsis was achieved. Jeb soaked in the views while being pulled towards the moon at an unexpected rate as the mun's orbit was not necessarily taken into account when plotting, so DOGEY I ended up being dragged behind the mun for a while before finally surpassing and flying by the mun. the upper stage detached and fell back to kerbin along with the shielded capsule, that entered the atmosphere at around 3km/s.
Re-entry was thought to be nominal until final touchdown, which saw a mystery goo experiment explode that was thought to be protected by the payload bay, though lucky enough, this experiment had already been achieved, so no science was truly lost.

This mission was documented in this video:https://youtu.be/oh-Po02Z3Ek

Thank you for reading, DOGEY II is in the works.

To the moon!



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Posted (edited)

Sputnik To The Moon!

Munnar Expedition 2: Dogey IIoiwy410jekn21.png

The mission launched from the KSC after multiple unsuccessful attempts at launch, but finally began to show signs of success after a new technology mech jeb was discovered, featuring blinking lights, shinny wheels, and even a shiny metal stick thing. This technology allowed for precise control of the rocket, and prevented the flipping of the rocket. The ascent was performed nominally and orbit was reached with 800m/s of delta V remaining, not accounting for the minor stages in the two probes. The burn left the transfer stage with only 28 m/s.
After that burn, and after arriving at the mun, we dethatched the fairing.


The fairing is made of radiator panels with a cap that has an experiment return capsule and extra fuel. The radiator panels are attached with decouplers and the cap is attached in a complicated manor with 5 decouplers, probably too complicated, but either way it did its job. After doing science high above the mun and low to the mun, the cap detached and carried the science on a trajectory toward kerbin. The sputnik replica then detached and quickly burnt retro, turning its trajectory into a low orbit of the mun.
re-entry was fully successful and the science was retrieved within hours of splashdown as an air force base was located close to the site.

I finished the video for this mission too, here it is:


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it may be a bit before my next post as I am working out how to get my computer to handle principia better in the atmosphere, stay tuned!

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