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SPH-only memory leak?


As a long time player (since 1.0), I am aware of many memory leaks which have been reported over the years: some patched, some not.

However, I have noticed a specific issue which may (or may not!) help any dev's reading this, or at the very least may help to make life easier for some other players.

That realisation is that: the SPH (in the linux version [unmodded, but with all DLC] in particular, but I suspect this is not just a linux issue) has a specific memory hole, and working in it too long will cause odd effects, and eventually failure.

Here's the bullet point rundown:

  • Historically I've worked 99% of my time in the VAB. Couldn't ever really get the hang of the SPH controls.
  • I've spent many happy hours designing vessels. Some small, some large, and very rarely encountered any issues.
  • In the last week I've been working specifically on planes, in the SPH for extended periods of time.
  • In this time I have noticed a number of issues: KAL not saving schemes when launching; in extreme cases being unable to launch or load other vessels. This does not seem to happen until I have been in the SPH for some time.
  • The biggest issue: after a long SPH session, closing down KSP seems to take a *very* long time (i.e. there is a large pause between initiating closedown and the program fully terminating), compared to normal.
  • Here's the oddest one: after working in the SPH, and starting to notice issues, I opened the VAB (which took longer than normal), closing it immediately and then quit the game. Quitting after this procedure was very quick.

The weird thing is how this appears to be unique to the SPH, and potentially undone by switching to the VAB. Is there something in those background animations that is slowly but surely killing performance?

I post this more as a discussion than a specific technical question (though if there were a solution I'd love to hear it). If this is better suited to other forums please feel free to move it.

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Try this.
Don't know if it works on Lynx
It fixes about 95% of KSP memory leaks.
Check task manager (or the lynx equivalent) and see the usage before and after.
Alternatively, it may just be a PC heat issue for being on the game for long periods of time.


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